Sunday, August 21, 2016

Suicide Squad - Movie Review

Hey guys! I went to see Suicide Squad a couple of days ago and wanted to write a review about this movie.

I couldn't wait to see this DC movie, but I was afraid to be disappointed after I have read some pretty bad reviews about it. I understand the fact that villains are villains and the film could have been more interesting if they did bad things instead of saving the world, I still enjoyed the movie, because we were able to see some characters that never made it into a movie.

The film had lots of funny moments and action, maybe some people didn't like the storyline but my thoughts are that it was okay. I really hope that they will do another movie with these characters played by the same actors.

I actually can't wait for Wonder Woman to come out because she is actually one of my favorite superheroes in the DC universe. Oh! And the movie Justice League looks awesome too!

Have you seen suicide squad? If yes,  did you enjoy the movie?

Have a wonderful day!

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