Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dresslily Wishlist

Hey guys! I was reading some blogs and saw a Dresslily wishlist on Walking Freckle's blog (Here) and I went to have a look on their site. I stumbled on these clothing items and wanted to do a wishlist on my own. So here it is!

1- High-Waisted denim skirt (Link)
2- Stitch Sweatshirt (Link)
3- Black and White Shirt (Link)
4- Black Overalls (Link)
5- Black boots (Link)
6- Black Crossbody Bag with cat ears and crescent moon (Link)

I found this site where you can give reviews of other sites. A lot of the reviews where telling that they weren't happy with it and Dresslily responded that they would help. I feel like when the website helps you to have a full satisfaction of their clothes it's because you can trust them. I didn't order myself from their site, but I might in the futur when I will need clothes. But before you order any clothes make sure that you mesure yourself and check out the size chart, because some countries don't have the same size as other countries.

Would you like anything from dresslily?

Do you know any good website for clothing?

Have a wonderful day!

xxx Flowerycactus

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