Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to School-Comfy Clothes

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you some comfy clothes to wear during school that are presentable. I have a school uniform, but not everybody does and I know that some days you aren't in the mood too wear skinny jeans and uncomfortable shoes. But there is still a way to be fashionable even in comfy clothes!

So the first thing is rompers, they are really in the fashion trend right now and I chose 5 rompers that are really cute and look comfortable!

I also love "baggy pants". I actually don't know the real name for those kind of pants but I call them "baggy pants". Those are really comfy and I love the way they look with a plain white or black t-shirt or tank top.

For chilly weather, it's nice to put on a sweater with a pair of leggings. This is a perfect combination because they are really comfortable.

And finally here is some pairs of leggings to match your romper!

What is your favourite piece of clothing?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st Favorite Tuesday - New "series"

Hey guys! I came up with this idea a couple of days ago and I thought you would like it! So, basically every Tuesday I will be showing you one of my favourites during that period! So for my first favourite Tuesday, I chose my new Back2School backpack! I am literally in love with this backpack! It has lots of space and it's beautiful. 

Brand : Reebok

Price : 49,98$

What do you think about this new series? 

I hope you liked it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to school-School Challenges

Hey guys! Summer vacations/holiday is coming to an end. I can't wait to start, because I love the new pens, books and all that stuff! But I know that two weeks after it starts I will want another two months of vacation. I am just weird. This year I wanted to give myself some challenges! And you can use them too. I hope I will complete these challenges at the end of the school year. So here they are:

1- This place is a mess!

I always start my year all organized, but at the end my things are all over the place. So this year I wanted to give myself the challenge to be organized from the beginning to the end. If you are like me you could give this a try.

2- Do your homework!

I actually started this challenge last year and it was really helpful. Every time one of my teachers would give me homework to do, I would do it the same day he/she gave it to me. It helped me because if I would procrastinate I would end up with a pile of homework to do for the next day and trust me it is really long and boring to do it all in one evening.

3- No procrastination when it comes to studying

So I procrastinate a lot when it comes to studying and it's really discouraging when you have to study for a big exam in one evening. So this year, every time I learned something new, I will take a look at it in the evening if I have time. I am not sure I will complete this challenge because I don't like studying, but I learned that if you trick your brain so he thinks that you love studying the information will be known faster. 

4- Get to know more wonderful people

School isn't all about homework, studying and exams, there is also people that you can socialize with. I am usually good at making friends but I am shy and to make friends I always have to get out of my comfort zone. And this year I want to know more people. :D 

I hope this post will help you this year! Do you have any challenges that you gave yourself this year? And when do you start school? I start on the 27th of August!

Have a wonderful day 

Ariana Grande - The honeymoon tour

Hey guys! This week, I went to see Ariana Grande! I am not a number 1 fan of her but I like her voice and her songs. So the show started with Prince Royce, I never heard of him but it was ok. When Ariana Grande she started to sing Bang Bang. The spot lights went crazy!! I really liked all the visual effects and the "fireworks". At the end of the show I was deaf :D . The show was amazing! So here are some photos that I took with my iPhone, so they aren't the best.

P.S.: I am sorry, I didn't post this last week.