Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My first day of 9th grade

Hey guys! So today I started 9th grade and I changed pavilions. So basically, my secondary school has two pavilions(buildings), one for 7th and 8th grade and another for 9th,10th and 11th, and this year I have to go to the second one. The school is HUGE!!! This morning, I told myself not to stress out, because everything will be absolutely fine and there is certainly a logic to all of the locations of the classes and other important things like the cafeteria,locker, etc. There is a logic, but the school has 8 wings!!! If you don't know what a wing(not a chicken wing) is, it's basically a corridor and when you turn left or right another wing starts. The school has 3 floors which isn't that bad, but 8 wings!!!!! At my first secondary pavilion, we only had 3 wings and 4 floors and it was easier to locate yourself in the building. So little me is lost in a huge school!!!

The students that are in my class are ok, I guess. There is just this group of guys that don't know nothing about the word respect, wether it's with the teachers, the students or the objects around them.

We didn't do any work today. We just visited, took a school picture and my french teacher talked to the class with our principal. But tomorrow, we start our classes. It's not so bad ,because my first classes are all next to each other, but the last one is really far away from the others and I might get lost, but at least I made a couple of friends in my class with who I can get lost with. I didn't mention that not even one of my close friends are in my class.

 I can't wait to know were all of my classes are, so I don't have the fear of getting lost , it will happen sooner or later. Wish me luck and if you are in the same situation as me, I wish you the bet of luck. I will probably write about my 2nd day at school tomorrow.

How was your first day of school?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back2School Tag

Hey guys! I am starting school tomorrow and I decided to do the Back2School Tag. So here it is!

1.What grade are you into?

I am in 9th grade!

2.What are you excited and/or nervous for?

I can't wait to go back into my normal routine and to see my friends every day. I am also excited to start Spanish classes and continue my art classes, but I am nervous because I am changing school pavilions and I am afraid to get lost.

3. What's your favourite part of getting back to school?

I love shopping for all of the supplies, because I love stationary!

4.When do you go back to school?


5.What grade were you in when you started wearing makeup to school?

It was last year, so 8th grade. I don't wear a lot of makeup. I started with mascara and some foundation (only on my blemishes and spots). I am still only wearing these 2 products, because I feel like I am still to young to put the whole chabang on my face.

6. From where or whom do you get inspirations for back to school styles?

No need to get inspiration, because I have a uniform.

7. What are your upcoming back to school trends?


8. Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies?


9. What are your favourite stores to go back to school shopping?


10. Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse? Which one do you prefer?

Honestly, I have never carried a purse at school, because I feel like it's not the most comfortable and big enough. So I have a backpack!

11. What are three non-beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?

A book, hair ties and my phone.

12. What are three beauty essentials you carry in your backpack or purse?

A chapstick and that is it.

13.What is your go to hair product and hairstyle?

I am pretty boring, but I usually tie my hair in a ponytail. No hair product for me!

14. What are your go to makeup products and go to makeup look?

I keep it simple with my Rimmel London Lasting finish foundation (only on my blemishes and spots) and my Voluminous Million lashes waterproof mascara.

15. What are your go to clothing items? Accessories?

One word, uniform. But for accessories I have my little simple black watch and some simple earings.

I am sorry that my answers in this tag are really dull (blame the uniform). I actually don't mind wearing a uniform, because every morning I have a small selection pf clothes to choose from and back to school shopping is 10 times easier to do.

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Hershel Backpack

Hey guys! I am starting school on August the 30th and my old backpack wasn't in the best shape so I had to buy a new one. So this is my new backpack.
It almost looks the same as my old one, but it is another brand and it feels like better quality. I also have a one year warranty which is pretty good.

I needed a laptop compartment and my 13 inch laptop fits perfectly in it and it is actually made for a 15 inch laptop.
I can't fully review this backpack, because I haven't properly used it. I will probably make a review near the end of the school year.

What backpack do you have this year?

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dysfunctional Backpack :(

Hey Guys! Last year, I wrote about my new backpack (here) and I said that I loved that backpack. A year has gone by and it is ruined, well actually it was ruined a couple of months ago but I did some changes to it so I would finish my school year with it. Here are some pictures.
In this picture it looks just fine, but...
Instead of this improvised lace chord, there was a fake leather one that go ruined, because of the metal rings that kept rubbing the chord every time I opened and closed the backpack.
 As you can probably see the two metal thing are different sizes, that's because one of them fell off and I had to replace it.
You can see in this picture that the fake leather is a really poor quality.

This backpack wasn't cheap, it was 49,98 CA$. Usually Reebok has a kind of good quality but for this backpack I'm quite disappointed.  In my next post, I will talk about my new school backpack!

Have a lovely day!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Suicide Squad - Movie Review

Hey guys! I went to see Suicide Squad a couple of days ago and wanted to write a review about this movie.

I couldn't wait to see this DC movie, but I was afraid to be disappointed after I have read some pretty bad reviews about it. I understand the fact that villains are villains and the film could have been more interesting if they did bad things instead of saving the world, I still enjoyed the movie, because we were able to see some characters that never made it into a movie.

The film had lots of funny moments and action, maybe some people didn't like the storyline but my thoughts are that it was okay. I really hope that they will do another movie with these characters played by the same actors.

I actually can't wait for Wonder Woman to come out because she is actually one of my favorite superheroes in the DC universe. Oh! And the movie Justice League looks awesome too!

Have you seen suicide squad? If yes,  did you enjoy the movie?

Have a wonderful day!

Dresslily Wishlist

Hey guys! I was reading some blogs and saw a Dresslily wishlist on Walking Freckle's blog (Here) and I went to have a look on their site. I stumbled on these clothing items and wanted to do a wishlist on my own. So here it is!

1- High-Waisted denim skirt (Link)
2- Stitch Sweatshirt (Link)
3- Black and White Shirt (Link)
4- Black Overalls (Link)
5- Black boots (Link)
6- Black Crossbody Bag with cat ears and crescent moon (Link)

I found this site where you can give reviews of other sites. A lot of the reviews where telling that they weren't happy with it and Dresslily responded that they would help. I feel like when the website helps you to have a full satisfaction of their clothes it's because you can trust them. I didn't order myself from their site, but I might in the futur when I will need clothes. But before you order any clothes make sure that you mesure yourself and check out the size chart, because some countries don't have the same size as other countries.

Would you like anything from dresslily?

Do you know any good website for clothing?

Have a wonderful day!

xxx Flowerycactus

Friday, August 19, 2016

Girl Online - Book Review

Hey guys! I have just finished reading girl online (the first book) and I decided to do a review (spoiler free). I know I am very late with the trend but I don't really mind.

At first I didn't know if I would like the book because I usually read fantasy books and I'm gonna be real, the first chapters were boring, but this usually happens in every single book, because the author has to put the character in a setting. I started getting into the book after what happened on stage *wink*. After that the book was a page turner. (I finished it in 3 days)

The book was well written and I liked how the text messages were written. The whole story was original and interesting.

My favorite character was probably Elliot, because he is always there for Penny and he knows what to say in any kind of situation. 

To cut a long story short, I give this book a 4 out of 5(keeping the 5 for the best book written in history) I will probably read the 2nd book sometime soon.

Have you finished a book lately? If yes, which one? Do you recommend it? 
I would like to know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Me,my thoughts and google

I was watching some youtube videos and a video dragged my attention in my recommendations titled: 10 famous people with horrible personal hygiene, by curiosity I clicked on it. Some of the celebrities where not showering because they wanted to be natural which doesn't sound really good to my nose but I don't judge these people because they are saving water for other people. After watching that video I jumped straight in the shower and I thought to myself what did Gandhi do? Did he shower? Did he bathe in a natural lake? You are maybe thinking why Gandhi and I say, Well because he was one of the most natural living people on earth. Wikipedia says that he lived in a self-sufficient residential community and ate simple vegetarian food and also took 17 fasts(the longest took 21 days! ). I just googled did Gandhi shower and this is the first thing that I see Did you ridicule Gandhi when he was too busy protesting to shower?  I don't know to who he is referring but it should probably answer my questions. The question was obviously on yahoo and one of the answers was that Gandhi actually bathed regularly in the Ganges River which is located in India so it makes sense because he live in India but hat about the time when he lived in South Africa or in London. Wait a minute Gandhi lived in London! Wow! That's nice! What did he do there? Wikipedia says that he went to study law and jurisprudence and enrolled at the Inner temple with the intention of becoming a barrister.  I wonder if he went to Birmingham palace to meet the queen, but Elizabeth the 2nd wasn't a queen when Gandhi was still alive which is a shame because I could imagine Gandhi having an afternoon tea with the queen. Well, I think I have made this day quite productive if you ask me and if you read this post and learned something you had a productive day too. I hope you like these kinds of posts I am literally writing down what I am thinking while searching some information on google so I can answer all of my questions. If you enjoyed reading this please let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful day!