Friday, September 2, 2016

First week of 9th grade

Hey guys! I know in the last post I told you I would write about my 2nd day, but I didn't because after the 2nd (and 3rd) day I was exausted and needed to relax.

 The first class I had to attend was Math and............ I got lost, I then went to see a supervisor, she told me where to go and it was all fine. My other classes were okay. Yesterday, I got lost again and I did the same thing as the day before. If you ever get lost don't be afraid to ask somebody for help, because that is the easiest way to find your way out of the problem.

 I like the first pavilion a lot more than this one because it was easier in finding yourself, but I can't do anything, I just need to adjust myself.

 My teachers are awesome except the one in History and another problem is that I don't like the subject we will be doing this year, so I may need to make a little bit of effort to have higher grades in that subject.

 I think that is all I have to say!

Have a wonderful day!