Thursday, July 23, 2015

New York Pics

 Hey Guys! So as I said in my previous post I went on a little trip. I went to New York specifically Manhattan! We only went there for 2 days so we past by a lot of stuff and I don't remember the name of every single building. And I decided to show you a few pics that I took from the trip. I hope you enjoy!

This is the Washinton Bridge.

I don't actually know the name of the building but I thought it was beautiful.

A random pic. Hahahahaahhaha

Nice view from Central Park.

A really nice church.... I think?

The Rockefeller center.

The Rockefeller center at night.

The M&M store near time square.

Time square at night. WOW!

The new World Trade Center.

The beautiful Statue of Liberty.

And finally a nice view of Manhattan!


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