Friday, November 27, 2015

Tips for cleaning up your room with a good mood

Everybody knows that feeling when you are entering your room and it is so messy you can't even look at it because there is too much stuff laying around and you need to clean it but you just are too lazy. Well today is your lucky day because I am giving you some great tips to help you tidy up that mess.

Tip #1 - Put some music on 

To put a beautiful smile on your face you should try listening to music while you are cleaning your room. I usually listen to the Today's Happy Pop on Songza (on the site or the app). Sing and dance to the music and it will may it much easier to clean.

Tip #2 - No piles under the bed

If you have dirty clothes, papers or whatever you have don't put them under your bed, because you will one day regret that laziness you had when you were "cleaning" your room and that day is when you will find interesting and ugly creatures in your room. hahahhahahahaha! So put everything were it belongs.

Tip #3 - Throw the stuff you won't need

This tips is similar to the second one. If you have papers, wrappers or anything you won't need in the future, throw it !

Tip #4 - Don't get distracted

If you find anything cool or interesting like a photo album from when you were 6 years old, put it aside for later, because if you start looking at it , you won't let it go and later you will realize that you didn't finish what you started and it's the end of the day.

Tip #5 - Freshen up the room

When you are done with that hard work, light up some candles or open the window(s) in the room. It will make you room smell nice and fresh.

Tip #6 - Keep it clean

This is the last and final tip. Try to keep your room clean, so you won't have to tidy up your room two times a week because it's too messy.


  1. I seriously bookmarked this page because I found it helpful. I think having really good music also helps with the cleaning part too!